Rachel Maddow: If Trump Ousts Sessions During Senate Recess, New AG Might Try to Sack Mueller


On Monday night, Rachel Maddow came up with a theory that not only speculates about the fate of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but of Special Counsel Robert Mueller as well.

The MSNBC host says that the drama between Sessions and President Donald Trump “really matters to all of us in the country” because of the “gigantic scandal” that is the ongoing Russia investigation.

“If the president somehow gets rid of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General,” she said, “the president would be in a position to replace him with somebody else who is not recused from overseeing the Russia investigation at the Justice Department and that Trump choice to replace Jeff Sessions could then be in a position to get rid of Bob Mueller, to fire or otherwise block the Russia investigation that’s being conducted by the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.”

She then pivoted to the looming question of when the Senate is going on vacation, which is being delayed due to health care reform. Maddow posited that if Trump waits for the Senate break to oust Sessions, he could name an acting replacement during the recess — someone who would not have to be confirmed.

“The shortest, easiest, most direct, most unstoppable way that President Trump could get rid of Jeff Sessions in order to replace him with somebody else who can fire Bob Mueller,” she continued. “The shortest, most direct, most unstoppable way for him to do that is for him to wait until the Senate is recess. And then fire Jeff Sessions and make a recess appointment of a new one. Make a recess appointment of a replacement Attorney General and that would allow that person to serve as Attorney General without Senate confirmation until- I think 2019? Plenty of time to kill off the Bob Mueller investigation in any case.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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