Rachel Maddow In Nevada: Sharron Angle Campaign Similar To Deep South 1964

Much the same way she tried to track down Christine O’Donnell earlier this month, and Joe Miller earlier this week, Rachel Maddow traveled to Las Vegas last night to see if she could score an interview with the equally media resistant Sharron Angle. Says Maddow:

Now we are here on the Las Vegas Strip for the highest profile Senate race in the entire country…when we as a country look back on the 2010 elections we will look back at Sharron Angle vs Harry Reid…and we will not believe this is really 2010 and this was really Nevada and this was not 1964 in the Deep South.

Maddow says she’s been trying to get an interview with Angle since before she won the primary, to no avail. Yesterday, Maddow and one of her producers went to Angle’s HQ — sans microphone and camera and Rachel (“I don’t want them to think it’s a stunt”) — in the hopes of landing any sort of interview with anyone connected to the campaign. Nope. It will be fascinating to see how all these candidates handle the press if they get elected. I suspect it will be harder to dodge, but really, who knows at this point. Watch below.

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