Rachel Maddow Incensed Over New Trump WH Deportation Plans: ‘Designed to Stoke Outrage and Show Off Cruelty’


An incensed Rachel Maddow took dead aim at the latest announced immigrant deportation plans from the White House, calling them something you would “cook up in a lab” that are “designed to stoke outrage and show off cruelty.”

The MSNBC host’s soliloquy on President Donald Trump’s immigration policy began by pointing to a Bloomberg article from Monday, which reported that his administration is now looking to begin its postponed round-ups and deportations of undocumented immigrants families right after the 4th of July holiday.

“Kind of like a finale for the fireworks, right?” said a stricken Maddow. “It’s not like they’ve been doing any of this stuff by accident, right? And it’s not like they’re terribly ashamed of anything they’ve been doing. The Trump White House is not exactly losing sleep over any perception that under President Trump the U.S. Government might be particularly abusive toward immigrants.”

In a second helping of dismay, Maddow then referenced an NPR report from last week. It laid out the White House’s latest expansion of deportation targets, which would now include the non-citizen family members of active duty military troops.

“Literally what they’re floating now is deporting U.S. military families, deporting the family members of active duty serving U.S. Troops. How do you like that?” Maddow noted, aghast.

“Which is the sort of thing you might, like, cook up in a lab if you were trying to design the most gut-wrenching, merciless, designed-to-be-offensive policy, right, that you could possibly imagine,” she said, adding, “something that was designed to stoke outrage and show off cruelty and intentional infliction of pain for people who least deserve it. Like it was a contest for that. This is what you’d submit to try to win.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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