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Rachel Maddow Interviews Uninformed Protesters, Claims ‘This Is The World Fox News Has Created’

Last night Rachel Maddow took to the Alaskan streets to engage in some rigorous political debate with sign-holding Joe Miller supporters. They told her they supported Miller because his opponent, incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski, voted to confirm Attorney General Eric Holder, whom they dislike because he’s “anti-gun.” When Maddow asked why specifically they thought that of Holder, there were many answers, devolving from “Look at his voting record,” to “Look at his press releases,” to, “Just type into Google,” and, finally, inevitably, to “the Black Panthers.” The exchange inspired a disappointed Maddow to tell cameras, “This is the world Fox News has created.”

As Maddow pressed the Miller supporters to substantiate their claim that Eric Holder “is the most anti-gun Attorney General this country has ever had,” one especially talkative man instead put the burden of proof upon her by asking, “What hasn’t he done against guns?” After seeing that Maddow wasn’t buying it, he confessed, “I honestly don’t know enough about him to answer that truthfully.” At this point, a hitherto silent woman swooped in for back-up, telling Maddow that she’s upset at Holder for “the voter intimidation with the Black Panthers.”

Watch Maddow mentally joust the people of Anchorage in the video below:

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