Rachel Maddow: Is John McCain The De Facto Leader Of The Republican Party?

Picture 1On Friday’s episode of The Rachel Maddow Show the intrepid host strayed from her standard business to take on the Republican party. Bet you didn’t see that one coming? Maddow busted out the hypocritical clips, this time to discredit Senator John McCain, and the notion that he is the de facto leader of the right, a theory floated by Sen. Lindsey Graham in Politico. “The most interesting Kremlinology question in all of Washington is still ‘Who’s the leader of the Republican party?'” Maddow said, as she set up a bit of a straw man.

The host continued to claim that McCain seems to be the latest answer to the question that has “befuddled” the Republican party for some time now, but that he seems to be the most “awkward” choice they could make, given some inconsistencies in his record. Then she took the opportunity to dismantle the record a bit with recent Senate floor moments. Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis appeared to discuss the leadership issue as the left sees it, suggesting that the Republicans “need to find their Obama.”

Maddow, however, disagreed, noting that the Republicans are painting President Obama as an out-of-the-box choice that has turned out to be bad for the country. She sees the party telling America to “Get back in the box! Get back in the box!” See the whole clip below:

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