comScore Rachel Maddow Poses 15 Questions Raised by ‘The Barr Report’: Why Did Mueller Not Decide on Obstruction?

Rachel Maddow Poses 15 Questions Raised by ‘The Barr Report’: Why Did Mueller Not Decide on Obstruction?

Rachel Maddow tonight said the letter from Attorney General Bill Barr only just raises more questions, and she laid out 15 she still has tonight.

“We do not have the Mueller report,” Maddow said. “We have less than 50 words that Barr says are quotes from the Mueller report. Other than that we’ve just got William Barr’s statement, and William Barr’s statement––we can call it the ‘Barr report’––it raises all sorts of brand-new questions we didn’t have before about what exactly is going on here with the investigation and what fruits will be allowed to bear.”

These are the 15 questions Maddow posed during her show tonight:

1. “Why did Mueller not decide on obstruction of justice?”

2. “Did Mueller expect Barr to decide on obstruction?”

3. “Should Barr have decided on obstruction?”

4. “Did Mueller want to protect a future grand jury?”

(Regarding that fourth one, Maddow said, “One of the reasons it might not be proper for a prosecutor… to jump in and make a pronouncement that a president appears to have committed crimes is because of the possibility that that president could actually be indicted and prosecuted and put on trial for those crimes after he or she has left office.”)

5. “Why did Barr consult the DOJ office of legal counsel before deciding about obstruction?”

6. “What will be briefed to the intelligence committees and Gang of Eight?”

(On question six, Maddow brought up the counter-intelligence part of the investigation and whether it has an answer to the question of “whether anyone in the Trump campaign or the Trump administration was under the influence of a foreign adversary––that’s not exactly the same thing as colluding with them to influence the 2016 election.”)

7. “Was there a full investigation of Trump’s intent regarding obstruction?”

8. “Were Trump’s finances part of the investigation?”

9. “Will we see the Mueller investigation scope memo?”

10. “Will we see Trump’s written responses to Mueller?”

11. “Will the Mueller report be released?”

(On that question of whether the report will be released, Maddow noted all the bipartisan calls in favor of it, also asking “how much of it is going to be cut out before we’re allowed to see it.”)

12. “Will Mueller testify to Congress?”

13. “Will Congress see Mueller’s underlying evidence?”

14. “Will ongoing investigations be affected?”

15. “Will Trump recognize Russia attacked our election?”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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