Rachel Maddow Reduces Newt Gingrich To A Direct Mail Scam Artist

Last night Rachel Maddow wrapped her three-day live taping at the 92nd Street Y, and it was certainly a joyous occasion. Earlier in the day President Obama gave a year-end press conference that was seen by many as a victory lap for the remarkably effective lame-duck session which saw the Administration effectively get a lot of items passed. But while Maddow joined in the celebratory tone, she also used the occasion to assess the future GOP’s priorities by harshly (but fairly) judging their recent actions. Her biggest target was none other than Newt Gingrich, who she nailed as nothing but “a direct mail scam artist.”

Maddow pegged her segment to a recent quote from Gingich over the extension of unemployment benefits in which he claimed that he was “opposed to giving people money for doing nothing.” She then reviewed how Newt Gingrich did for his money and, perhaps unfairly, reduced Gingrich’s career to “giving fake awards in exchange for gifts.” While Gingrich is an established author, Fox News contributor and political consultant, the direct marketing efforts of Gingrich highlighted by Maddow in the segment below is fairly embarrassing.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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