Rachel Maddow Scoffs at Prospect of Bipartisan Support for Biden Agenda: 10 GOP Senators ‘Would Not Likely Cross Over to Proclaim Kittens To Be Soft’


Rachel Maddow was openly skeptical of the Biden administration’s hopes that Republicans will work with Senate Democrats to pass the president’s agenda. And to drive her point home, the MSNBC host explained her pessimism in bipartisanship by pithily saying that 10 GOP senators would not “cross over to proclaim kittens to be soft, let alone to vote on something like immigration reform or Covid relief or infrastructure.”

Maddow began the segment on her Thursday night show explaining the budget reconciliation process, which allows Congress to pass budget-related bills once per budget with a simple majority, in a bill that is not subject to a filibuster by the minority.

Looking at Biden’s priority agenda items, Maddow identified two issues that could potentially be passed under reconciliation, the Covid-19 relief bill and the “Build It Back Better Plan,” which focuses on jobs and infrastructure.

Noting that the Democrats’ Senate majority was not enough to defeat a Republican filibuster, Maddow scoffed at the suggestion that GOP senators would join in voting to pass Democratic bills.

“It’s just not going to happen on anything big,” Maddow explained. “Even if they could get one, two, three, four, five, six Republican senators to cross over on something, it’s certainly never going to be 10 Republican senators who cross over to vote with Democrats on anything at all, let alone something big and substantive. Republicans just don’t operate that way anymore. Under their leader, Senator [Mitch] McConnell, you could not get 10 Republican senators to vote for a resolution that says moms are good and ice cream is cold and tasty.”

Maddow also noted that the Senate’s failure to pass a budget resolution last year, when it was under Republican control, had gifted Democrats with the unique opportunity to pass not one, but two budget bills by reconciliation.

“Using reconciliation, they can pass two packages of legislation, if the Democrats hang together, even if they get zero Republican votes,” Maddow explained.

“If they want to pass anything else besides that, they’re going to have to persuade 10 Republicans senators to cross over, and 10 would not likely cross over to proclaim kittens to be soft, let alone to vote on something like immigration reform or Covid relief or infrastructure. Or voting rights. Are you kidding me? Ten Republican senators. Seriously?”

“We think they can do two packages of legislation, all that relates to the budget, without the help of 10 Republicans but that’s all they can do unless they can kill the filibuster or unless Republicans suddenly have a massive change of heart,” concluded Maddow. “Don’t bet on it.”

Watch the video clip above, via MSNBC.

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