Rachel Maddow Slams Drudge-Teased Obama Video, Romney Campaign’s ‘Racial Appeals’

Today the mainstream media and Beltway media “fell for it all over again,” Rachel Maddow said Tuesday night, referring to Drudge’s teasing the video of a 2007 Obama speech, which The Daily Caller and Sean Hannity deemed “divisive” and “racially charged” (while also noting Obama’s reference to Rev. Jeremiah Wright).

Alas, the video was five years old, Maddow said.

The video is supposed to show you that Obama’s secret plan is to be “way more black than he seems to you now,” Maddow noted. “This is how he snuck into the White House, right? People didn’t actually know he was this black, and if they had known, they never would have elected him.”

The efforts to make Obama’s race newsworthy are ramping up recently, she added.

Maddow went on to tie the the video and conservative media outlets to the Romney campaign. Back in 2008 John McCain chose not to campaign on “really overtly racial appeals,” like the Wright attack.

“If the Romney campaign is going to keep going there,” she said, “along with the conservative media, which is going there whole hog right now, can it work this year? Would it have worked in 2008? What does the right think are the lessons from John McCain having not gone there in 2008, when he had the chance?”

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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