Rachel Maddow: Supreme Court Vote May Show If It’s So ‘Conservatively Politicized’ As To ‘Hurt The President’

Earlier this morning, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow appeared on NBC’s Today to discuss the possible outcome of the Supreme Court’s “ObamaCare” ruling. She implied that the Court’s decision would rely heavily on the partisanship of the Justices, and went so far as to say that it would come down to political biases, not legal precedent. She mentioned a Bloomberg poll that calculated “75% of people think that the Supreme Court will decide based on their political beliefs, not on the law.”

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Maddow told Matt Lauer, “This may as much be a referendum on the Supreme Court and whether or not the Roberts court is so conservatively politicized that it will make a decision to hurt the President.” Lauer then asked, “If they uphold this, what’s the effect on the President come re-election time in November?”

To which Maddow responded, “I don’t actually think it will have that much of an effect if it is upheld….if what the Republicans call ObamaCare is upheld, then the President has still reformed health care and Republicans still hate it and we’re back to where we are now.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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