Rachel Maddow Takes On CPAC: Shows The State Of Conservative Movement

Last night Rachel Maddow was excited at the release of the official schedule for CPAC, the annual gathering of conservatives in the nation’s capital. But after having some fun at the event’s expense, she actually gave CPAC credit for not only inviting her MSNBC colleague Chris Hayes to participate in one of the panels, but for also willing to organize another panel based around the question of American military intervention in foreign nations.

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Maddow used clips of Steve Martin‘s character from The Jerk getting excited over the phone book to convey her own excitement over the released CPAC 2013 schedule. She likened it more to a Comic-Con or a Trekkie convention as opposed to a “prom,” as some in the Beltway have called it.

Maddow admitted she has not been to the “super-nerdy” conservative conference since 2010, saying she was “scarred” by an encounter with Liz Cheney. Maddow explained her excitement over the schedule as an interesting view of where the modern conservative movement currently stands. She singled out events like watching a disaster movie about the White House, a panel on the dangers of the U.N., and “bullying” from the Obama administration.

However, Maddow did find some parts of the schedule interesting and impressive. Her MSNBC colleague Chris Hayes received an invitation to be on a panel moderated by Christian conservative Ralph Reed. Maddow wasn’t sure if Hayes would accept, but found it “very cool” that CPAC invited him in the first place. She also highlighted a panel titled “Too Many American Wars? Should We Fight Anywhere And Can We Afford It?”

Maddow explained the significance of this particular event.

“Even asking a question about whether we might be fighting too many wars–I don’t know what their answer will be to this question, but given where American conservatives have been in recent years on this issue, the fact that they are asking it as a question is itself news and really interesting.”

Watch the video, courtesy of MSNBC:

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