Rachel Maddow Tears Down President Obama On Tax ‘Compromise,’ Point By Point

Maddow ObamaLike a lot of liberals, Rachel Maddow is pretty disappointed with President Obama‘s decision to capitulate to Republican tax cut demands, as well as the forceful defense of his actions he made in a press conference today. But unlike most liberals, Rachel Maddow has a TV show—which tonight gave her the perfect opportunity to go through each point Obama made during his press conference and refute them, one by one.

The clip below really speaks for itself, so there’s no need to add much extra commentary. The bottom line: Maddow is incredulous at the way Obama took aim at liberals, “denouncing [them] as sanctimonious and in it for their own satisfaction,” rather than blasting his Republican opponents for being totally unwilling to compromise.

“Here’s the thing,” says Maddow at the end of the clip. “I know liberals are very frustrating. But is frustration with liberals so all-consuming that the White House really has not noticed all the Republicans in Washington saying they are perfectly willing to see the full faith and credit of the United States government collapse? They’re perfectly willing to default on the national debt to make a political point?”

Watch the video from MSNBC below:

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