Rachel Maddow Warns America on a ‘Knife Point’ After Trump’s Failed Attempts to Remain President: ‘This Is Not a Peaceful Transfer of Power’


Rachel Maddow worried that Donald Trump’s fight against his 2020 election defeat sets a troubling precedent for the future of American politics.

Maddow delivered her commentary during MSNBC’s coverage of the Inuguration President-Elect Joe Biden early Wednesday. The primetime host and her MSNBC colleagues discussed the ways in which Trump breaking tradition since he left Washington instead of staying to partake in the peaceful transfer of power to his successor. And as Maddow noticed the arrival of former First Couple Barack and Michelle Obama, she remarked that Vice President Mike Pence and former President George W. Bush were attending the ceremony. This led to her observation that, as Republicans, Pence and Bush would essentially fill the void left Trump behind, which also comes after his supporters attempted to overthrow the election by storming the Capitol.

“We will see them act out the peaceful transfer of power that Donald Trump was not able to deliver,” Maddow said. “This is not a peaceful transfer of power this year. It was violence as the president directed his supporters to try to use force to have him seize power and hold on to it despite the election results.”

Maddow went on to say that even though Trump’s non-attendance is “calming” in a way, the country is “on this knife point” now since it remains to be seen whether the outgoing president is an anomaly, of if the Republican Party will no longer respect elections that they don’t win.

“We have to decide whether we are going to treat this as an aberration, which Joe Biden has argued for…or whether this is something that we’re going to have to substantively contend with as some sort of new normal in right wing American politics.” Maddow said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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