‘Racism Is Already Half Non-Existent’: Daily Show Tries To Heal America’s Racial Wounds…

On Tuesday night’s Daily Show, correspondents Samantha Bee and Jessica Williams decided to take charge of the conversation on race and convened two panels, one all-white and one all-black, to finally have a conversation on race. Bee sweated profusely in the room with the black group, while Williams facepalmed with every racially blind comment made by the white group.

Bee assured the black group that she wasn’t scared of them, that her sweating is just a minor medical condition. Meanwhile, Williams polled her white group and was surprised to see them admitting that not only is racism not a big deal anymore, it’s “already half non-existent.”

The black group insisted race is still a big issue in the United States, while the white group thought race is “talked about too much.” Bee was called out on her white privilege, while one of the white people told Williams this is the first time a black person’s interviewed her.

This being New York, both groups also talked about stop and frisk, which four out of the five black people said they were subjected too. One white woman insisted she was stopped and frisked once too. “At the airport.”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:


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