Radio Host Mark Levine: Fox News’ Cameramen Have A Conservative Bias

It isn’t the first time Fox News is accused of conservative bias, but this may be one of the wackier theories on how they do it. Today on America Live, Megyn Kelly hosted a discussion on protests in the media and, rather than attack their TV personalities for positive Tea Party coverage, radio host Mark Levine argued that FNC’s cameramen engaged in partisan cinematography to make illegal immigration protesters appear violent.

Upon displaying images of a Washington, DC Tea Party rally and an Arizona protest, the latter in which riot police had to be called in and protesters were physically attacking law enforcement, Kelly had Levine and fellow talk radio veteran Mike Gallagher discuss why tea partiers were protrayed as racist and violent while the illegal immigration protesters received a more positive evaluation. Gallagher argued that there was an inherent bias against tea partiers in most media outlets, while Levine turned the tables on Fox– namely, the Fox News camerapeople– claiming that when the immigration protesters are shown, “the camera angle’s all jaunty, it’s shaking, it’s up and down, it looks really raucus, and then you show the Tea Party people, and it’s very calm. No!” He argued that footage of tea partiers spitting and cursing at Congressmen could be made to look equally violent with the right direction.

Levine’s evoking of the repeated accusations that tea partiers spit and launched racial epithets at minority Congressmen– none of which is on film– caused Gallagher to remind Levine that Andrew Breitbart still has a six-figure reward out for any footage of such activity. Upon being asked to produce the footage, Levine swatted away the question and continued to assert that it was the cameramen who made the protests seem violent.

Watch the segment below:

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