Raj Shah Grilled Over White House Credibility: Why Should We Trust What You’re Telling Us?

As Raj Shah conducted the White House press briefing today, he was asked why anyone should take his communications team seriously when there’s always a chance President Trump can blow up their narrative at a moments notice.

When Trump reluctantly signed the omnibus spending bill last week, he previously threatened not to give it his approval after members of his administration insisted that he would. Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller brought this up today, and he also noted that Sarah Sanders recently said Trump was satisfied with his team, days before more White House shake-ups.

In time, Miller got to a rather pointed question:

“So can you speak to the White House’s credibility and why should we in this room -and more importantly, the American people – trust anything this administration is telling us?”

Shah answered that his team endeavors to provide the “most accurate information” they have at the present moment.

“Sometimes the dynamics are fluid in any given situation,” Shah said. “Facts and circumstances change. We continue to give you guys the best information that we can as quickly as possible.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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