Ralph Peters: Trump’s Initial Taliban Camp David Invite ‘One of the Most Repulsive Ideas’ Raised by Any POTUS

Ret. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said on CNN tonight that he was appalled by the idea President Donald Trump invited Taliban leaders to Camp David in the first place before calling it all.

Peters told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “It was one of the most repulsive ideas ever raised by an American president. To bring the Taliban, to legitimatize them, to evaluate and dignify them, by bringing them to Camp David, or to even to the Department of Agriculture, for that matter, to any federal building, to bring them to this country, is absolutely madness.”

“Yes, we’ve had secret negotiations with hostile forces before,” he continued. “But not with terrorists who have killed thousands of Americans and maimed tens of thousands of Americans. Cobras don’t make good pets and terrorists are not good negotiating partners.”

Peters said what the Trump administration wants isn’t a peace deal but instead a “fig leaf.”

Cooper asked if this, for Trump, is about “ego” or politics ahead of 2020.

“Everything from Afghanistan to Alabama is about Trump’s ego,” Peters said.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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