‘Rampant, Exciting Speculation’: Colbert Crafts Elaborate Conspiracy Based On IRS Official’s Refusal To Testify

The IRS’ Lois Lerner appeared at a congressional hearing yesterday, briefly dashing Stephen Colbert‘s hopes of continued “rampant and wild speculation.” But alas: She pleaded the Fifth. Which then allowed Colbert to craft an elaborate conspiracy theory — encompassing everything from Solyndra to John Sununu — with no concerns about accuracy.

“Finally, after weeks of demanding answers, we in cable news can stop filling 24 hours with wild, riveting, and actually plausible theories of interagency conspiracy,” Colbert declared, “and just get down to the cold, hard facts.”

Appearing dismayed, he pointed to the end of “rampant and wild speculation.” But soon after rejoiced, upon seeing that Lerner didn’t in fact say anything. Now we’re just left with our own imaginations!

Which prompted an important question: “What about John Sununu?”

Better yet: “Ultimately, is all this just a way to cover up the fact that Solyndra sold solar panels to the consulate in Benghazi using the Associated Press as a mule to smuggle guns into Mexico as part of Fast and Furious?”

After all, we’re short on facts.

Watch below, via Comedy Central:

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