Rand Paul: Bill Clinton Still ‘Playing the Victim,’ Not ‘Truly Contrite’

On Wednesday, Sen.Rand Paul (R-KY), once again slammed former president Bill Clinton after the Clinton gave a defensive interview on NBC claiming he has apologized enough for the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

In response, on Tuesday Paul accused Clinton of playing the victim card.

“Bill Clinton epitomizes the aggressor, not the victim. You can’t have an appropriate or consensual relationship with an intern,” Paul wrote, calling Clinton out.”That is the definition of sexual harassment.”

Then when asked about his much-retweeted remarks on Wednesday, Paul expanded on what he meant when he said what happened in the Oval Office back then was not consensual sex.

Speaking to Neil Cavuto on Fox News, Paul explained, “I think the problem is that I don’t think he’s truly contrite. I think he’s still playing the victim.”

He added that Clinton seems to be acting as if he doesn’t understand why anyone would have the audacity to ask him about all this.

Paul also insisted that for decades the mainstream media has helped him cover it up by claiming the encounter was consensual sex between two adults when it is not.

“Most women from the #MeToo movement will say you know what a 20-year-old is not really capable of giving consent in the workplace to have sex under the desk,” he continued on. “That wouldn’t have been acceptable in 1998 if you were the CEO of any major company. Nobody would have thought that was acceptable behavior and he still doesn’t get it.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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