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Rand Paul Calls Mueller Probe a ‘Witch Hunt,’ Admits He ‘May Not Have’ Felt the Same About Ken Starr in the ’90s

Following yesterday’s FBI raid of Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s office, President Donald Trump railed against Special Counsel Robert Mueller by calling the Russia probe a “witch hunt” and floating the possibility of Mueller. (Federal prosecutors obtained the search warrant for Cohen after receiving a referral from Mueller.)

During a Fox News hit this morning, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) parroted the president’s complaints about the Mueller investigation. At the same time, he admitted to some hypocrisy when it came to the prior use of a special prosecutor.

“The first question we ought to ask what does this have to do with Russia?” Paul exclaimed to anchor Bill Hemmer. “I thought the special prosecutor was investigating Russian collusion. Going after someone’s personal attorney is a great overstep I think in the authority of the prosecutor. This is why I have opposed really having special prosecutors for almost anything. They abuse their authority.”

Paul went on to say they needed to “rein in” the investigation, leading Hemmer to ask him how he would do that.

“We shouldn’t have special prosecutors,” the Kentucky lawmaker declared. “It is actually hard politically to fire Mueller. The thing is we never should have had Mueller in the first place.”

Paul went on to say that Trump is right to call the probe a “witch hunt” before reiterating his opposition to special prosecutors, leaving an opening for the Fox anchor to ask a very pointed question.

“How did you feel about Ken Starr in the 90s?” Hemmer pressed Paul, referencing the Whitewater independent counsel who eventually uncovered the Monica Lewinsky scandal that led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

“You know, I may or may not have been as consistent back then, to tell you the truth,” the Republican senator responded. “I have come to believe now these special prosecutors have too much power. Yes, I think I have learned over time we shouldn’t have these special prosecutors.”

Hemmer told Paul that he was “starting to sound like Alan Dershowitz,” the famed law professor who has been a vocal critic of the Mueller investigation.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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