Rand Paul Mocks Secretary Of State With ‘Snobby’ John Kerry Impersonation

Appearing at last week’s Spirit of Reagan Award ceremony in St. Louis, Mo., Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) tore into Secretary of State John Kerry with an impersonation of the former Democratic senator’s “snobby” attitude while recently being grilled before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

While explaining the attitude many in power have towards his anti-foreign aid views, Paul brought up a particular instance in which Sec. Kerry ridiculed the Republican senator for “scaring” people by suggesting foreign aid is helping governments that hate the United States.

“I had him in front of our foreign affairs committee the other day, and I’m asking him questions and he says very snobbily,” Paul said before scrunching up his face and attempting to sound like Kerry:

“Well, people need to quit going around the country and stirring these people up, telling them that foreign aid’s bad, and getting them all riled up. It may be a great applause line, but we don’t need to be doing that.”

The senator then explained that he told Kerry, “I’m not stirring the people up, they are already stirred up,” receiving warm applause from the audience.

Watch below, as clipped by MofoPolitics:

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