Rand Paul on Clinton Emails: ‘Convenience’ Shouldn’t ‘Trump National Security’

Likely 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has made a hobby out of criticizing former Secretary of State (and likely presidential candidate) Hillary Clinton.

In light of Clinton’s Tuesday press conference, which was her effort to do some serious damage control over the email controversy, Paul furthered his criticisms of the former Secretary of State, saying “convenience” should not “trump national security.”

“I think that the fact that she didn’t obey the rules on putting her emails on a government server, and now she says there wasn’t classified information, I’m not sure that can be trusted since we can’t trust her to do the right thing the first time,” Paul told Matt Lauer on the TODAY show, adding he doubts that her correspondence with the president wouldn’t be classified.

Overall, Paul said, his trust in Hillary Clinton is not very high at this point.

Watch the video below, via NBC:

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