Rand Paul Opens Up About Attack on Colbert: We Have To Get Beyond Political Disagreements

On Wednesday night, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) opened up about being attacked on his lawn last year while appearing on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show.

After discussing the deadly train wreck that involved several dozen GOP congressional members, Colbert noted that the senator survived the shooting in Alexandria as well as the attack he faced last fall when his neighbor tackled him from behind.

“I’ve been shot at, I’ve been mugged… I’m hoping 2018’s a better year,” Paul joked.

Paul dismissed the hearsay that the altercation between himself and the attacker Rene Boucher was over a “building, fuming” feud since they haven’t spoken in a decade but that he “must have lost it.”

“I think that we sometimes — we are channeling a lot of rage on both sides, politically and otherwise,” Paul continued. “And sometimes we see people on television and we think, ‘That person’s not human. They don’t hurt.’ But I could say, ‘Look, I was human.'”

He said that “a lot of people made light” of his attack since he struggled for weeks after including getting pneumonia twice, the troubled breathing, as well as his recovery from nine broken ribs.

“I think there’s a way where we ought to be able to have disagreements and figure out ways to get beyond it — if they’re political disagreements or other,” Paul added. “And I think we try to do some of that in Congress. It sort of gets lost in all the clutter of everything else we talk about. But there probably is the unwritten story is there’s more discussions going across party lines than you would ever believe.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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