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Rand Paul Reacts to Obama on Fox: He’s ‘Been Out-Maneuvered Here By Putin’

Senator Rand Paul joined Bret Baier on Fox News to react to President Obama‘s big speech on Syria. Paul still remained thoroughly unconvinced that a strike would do any good, arguing Obama still has not laid out any “compelling American interest” for intervention.” Paul also thought, regarding the possible new deal being worked out, that it “looks like President Obama’s been out-maneuvered here by Putin.”

Paul acknowledged that Assad “deserves death” for using chemical weapons on his own people, but couldn’t honestly see committing American military forces to this “when our goal is stalemate.” He said he’d be glad to credit Obama if the Russian proposal works out, but he’s not sure if he can trust it at this point.

Baier asked if Obama’s handling of this has hurt U.S. credibility. Paul responded, “Our credibility as a country is more than just one man.” He also threw out his concerns about whether the rebels will be “worse” than Assad and whether Assad will actually be discouraged from acting again. But one thing he was certain of was that even the Senate is going against a possible resolution, suggesting that maybe, “rather than risk defeat, there won’t be a vote.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

Paul also delivered an official response to Obama’s speech, which you can watch here:

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