Rand Paul Responds to Amash’s Impeachment Calls: Mueller Investigation Was ‘Un-Libertarian’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) responded to Rep. Just Amash’s (R-MI) calls to impeach President Donald Trump by arguing that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was “un-libertarian” and was started on illegitimate grounds.

Paul made the comments during an appearance with Fox News host Bill Hemmer this morning, who brought up Amash tweeted to his House colleagues that the impeachment ball “is in our court” after Mueller’s official departure from the Justice Department yesterday.

“As a libertarian Republican, I think the whole investigation has an un-libertarian feel,” Paul said when asked to respond to Amash, another Republican lawmaker who identifies with the libertarian movement. “You have an intelligence community that has so much power, that many Libertarians, we’ve always said that, Gosh this much power could be abused.'”

“I see an abuse of power from Comey, Clapper, Brennan — from all these guys who took this power that they had,” he continued. “This great power we entrusted with them to spy on foreigners and they directed it against Americans for partisan reasons. So, I think it has to be investigated and I think it’s wrong for any Republican to think oh gosh, this is a legitimate investigation. I think it’s a very partisan investigation.”

After Hemmer asked if Amash’s stance against the president will spread among GOP lawmakers, Paul suggested Amash will be the lone Republican siding with Democrats if impeachment proceedings begin.

“I think the investigation was wrong. It was an abuse of power,” Paul said. “I don’t think if there is an impeachment it’s going to be a partisan thing. I don’t see any other Republicans joining the call for impeachment.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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