Rand Paul Slams Pompeo’s ‘Contradictory’ Statements on Iran: ‘Pretty Inconsistent’ About Imminent Threat to the U.S.


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) re-affirmed his criticism of the Trump administration’s handling of the Iran situation and their “inconsistent” statements about the intelligence behind their decisions.

Paul has been critical of the administration’s choices on Iran ever since the Qasem Soleimani airstrike, and in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, he was asked if he has seen enough information yet to be convinced that the president made the right decision.

“I think we’ve heard contradictory information,” Paul answered, referring to how Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insists there were “imminent attacks” coming from Iran but can’t say where or when they’d happen.

“That, to me, does seem inconsistent,” Paul said. “He thinks he can square the circle, but to me it seems pretty inconsistent.”

The interview continued with Paul saying Trump didn’t start a “new trend” by not telling Congress about the Soleimani raid because of his distaste for Democrats. As for Paul’s support for the War Powers resolution to limit Trump’s further action with Iran, the senator said its not “because I distrust President Trump.”

“I think he actually has shown remarkable restraint, but I’m willing to stand up even against a president of my party because we need to stand up and take back the power. We also need to debate whether or not we’re going to keep sending kids forever to Afghanistan and Iraq. I frankly think we ought to end those wars.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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