Rand Paul Tells Hannity He’s Sending Letter to DOJ ‘Asking for a Criminal Referral’ Into Fauci


Senator Rand Paul followed up his fiery clash with Dr. Anthony Fauci by telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity he’s writing to the Justice Department “asking for a criminal referral.”

Paul accused Fauci of lying on NIH funding of gain-of-function research and told him, “As you are aware, it is a crime to lie to Congress.”

They ended up getting into a fierce back-and-forth, with Fauci telling the Kentucky Republican, “Senator Paul, you do not know what you’re talking about, quite frankly, and I want to say that officially. You do not know what you’re talking about… If anybody is lying here, senator, it is you.”

Hannity asked Paul if he thinks Fauci “lied before Congress and broke the law.”

“Yes,” Paul said, “and I will be sending a letter to Department of Justice asking for a criminal referral, because he has lied to Congress. We have scientists that will line up by the dozens to say that the research he was funding was gain-of-function. He’s doing this because he has a self interest to cover his tracks and to cover his connection to Wuhan lab. Now does he deserve all the blame? No, there’s still some conjecture as to whether or not it came from the lab. But he’s lying about whether or not he funded gain-of-function research, and yes, he should be punished.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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