Sen. Rand Paul: We Should End All Foreign Aid To Countries, Including Israel

Senator Rand Paul appeared on CNN‘s Situation Room and Wolf Blitzer asked Paul for specifics about where government spending could be reduced. Paul, unlike most of his colleagues in both parties, refreshingly did suggest specific ideas, one of which was ending all foreign aid.

After suggesting liberals need to give up some welfare spending and conservatives need to give up some military spending, Paul did not shy away from suggesting all aid to foreign countries should also be eliminated. When Wolf asked whether he was suggesting aid to Israel and humanitarian aid to African countries also be cut, Paul said yes and confirmed that he does not joke around when he uses the word “all” aid.

Given that Paul believed foreign aid is often stolen by corrupt leaders in Africa or used to fund an arms race on both sides of a conflict (in the case of Israel and its neighboring countries), Paul asked since we’re broke anyway, why keep wasting money overseas with such aid? Although this might be a controversial proposal to some, at least Paul deserves credit for suggesting something to cut, as opposed to most who just say throw out meaningless statements like “it’s time for an adult conversation” or “everything is on the table.”

Watch the clip from CNN below:

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