Rape Alleged At Occupy Cleveland

A 19 year-old student in Cleveland is telling police that she was raped in a tent at an Occupy Cleveland rally in Public Square by a man known as “Leland.” The accuser alleges that she attended the Occupy Cleveland protest on Oct. 15 and was directed by organizers to sleep in Leland’s tent. Rally organizer Rebecca Hawkins questioned the report,telling FOX 8 that Occupy Cleveland is a leaderless movement and, “your assignment would be your own choice of what you want to do.”

Erin McCardle, another organizer of Occupy Cleveland, added that, “we are cooperating completely with the Cleveland Police Department,” but also said that, “this is all about personal decision and consent and we offer tents and that’s all.” They also said they had no knowledge of anyone named Leland at their camp.

The alleged rape came to light when the victim told one of her teachers at Summit Academy in nearby Parma, Ohio, about the incident. The police report noted that the school is for children with attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, and autism. The teacher then contacted police.

Video of the local reports, courtesy of News Net 5 and FOX 8, are below:

News Net 5:

FOX 8:


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