‘Rather Unseemly’: Fox Panel Slams Jill Stein for Recount Fundraising

fox-special-reportA Fox News panel tonight really criticized Jill Stein over her fundraising for recounts in three crucial states.

Stein set up the fundraiser earlier this week (though language on the site said they couldn’t “guarantee” recounts happen) and as of today the Stein campaign officially filed for a recount in Wisconsin.

On Fox’s Special Report, Charles Krauthammer called this whole thing “really weird” and “absurd,” saying while there’s no evidence of tampering here, it just so happens to be an easy way to raise money.

“It’s a neat trick,” he said, “but rather unseemly.”

Washington Post reporter Karen Tumulty found it “astonishing” that people would be opening their checkbooks for this, while Lisa Boothe said Stein is just doing this to “escalate her own name.”

Krauthammer ended the discussion by saying that at least Ralph Nader “had the decency not to cash in on depriving someone else of the presidency.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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