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Real Emergencies: Man Calls 911 To Ask Whether His Marijuana Plant Is Legal

Ever want to do something fun and seemingly private, like grow a marijuana plant, but weren’t quite sure of the legality of your hobby? A Connecticut man in this precise situation did the ethical thing and inquired of his local authorities whether his marijuana was illegal– except the “local authorities” he contacted were 911, and he had the emergency officer on the phone for several minutes after answering the question “Is this an emergency?” with varying degrees of “not really.”

This the latest from Fox News, which aired what is quite possibly the least stressful 911 call ever recorded. When the dispatcher asks where the emergency was occurring, the caller casually requested, “let’s not get into that,” and, as mentioned, replied “well, not really?” He then proceeded to tell the dispatcher, “I was just growing marijuana,” described his plant as a “seedling,” and amicably replied “alright, thanks for the info!” once notified that he could, in fact, get arrested. And he did, several minutes after the phone call occurred. You really have to wonder if he was high when he made the phone call.

The report via Fox News (and the hilarious 911 call) below:

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