Reality TV Judges Throw a Bunch of Racial Jabs at Chinese Contestant

Based on this Holland’s Got Talent segment, perhaps the Chinese government should focus its anger on the Dutch instead of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Before opera-singing student Xiao Wang wowed the Got Talent audience with a performance of Verdi’s “La donna e mobile” from Rigoletto, he sat through a few bizarre racial jabs from the show’s panelists.

Upon introducing himself as Xiao Wang (pronounced “sh·ih·ow wang”), judge Chantal Janzen joked “Oh, that’s okay,” seemingly mocking either the difficult-to-pronounce name or, as Shanghaiist believes, the fact that his name sounds like “small wang” — i.e., a small penis.

Things got worse from there when co-panelist Gordon Heuckeroth asked Wang which opera number he plans to sing. Before the singer could answer, Heuckeroth interjected with his own answer: “Number 39 with rice?”

Later on, Heuckeroth snuck in the word “suplise” instead of “surprise,” mocking the Asian stereotype of replacing hard R-sounds with L’s.

And then the judge went even further, telling the singer that his performance was the “best Chinese I’ve had in weeks, and it’s not a takeaway.”

Hardy har har.

The lone American judge, Dan Karaty, noted at one point how you’re not really supposed to say these things to someone, but an amused Heuckeroth responded with a simple “What?”

Watch below:

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