Reasons Why MTV Might be Leaving Times Square

mtvstudiosThe NY Post reports today that MTV’s parent company Viacom did not renew its lease for the end of this year, raising immediate questions about the relocation plans for  the communications conglomerate — which owns MTV, Nickolodeon, VH1, and Spike TV among others. If this story sounds familiar, its because the very same story broke just last year, before extending their current lease for one year. So while this could all be part of a hardball renegotiation, it does raise serious questions, like, does anyone still want their MTV?  Mediaite has the answers you’re looking for:

Possible reasons why MTV might leave its Times Square offices and studio:

  • Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg, Times Square is even more pedestrian than their content.
  • They’d hear rumors of Facebook needing NY offices and it seemed both logical and gentlemanly to cede their space.
  • They can no longer deal with the stench emanating from the Naked Cowboy‘s poor hygiene.
  • The studio is just too painful a reminder of the wonderful relationship they once shared with Carson Daly.
  • Frankly, they miss the porn and hookers of yesteryear.
  • They’ve finally realized the very negative effect 1515 Broadway has on creative programming.
  • Nobody watches MTV anymore.

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