Recap: Girl Power, Kim Power & Survivor: One World Signs Off!


Welcome to the final episode of what has been an amazing season in my book AND my last blog of season as well…you can stop crying now! Haha…It’s been the women who have completely dominated and survived to make the first ever all-women top 5! That’s some serious girl power right there. All along, it’s been Kim in the driver’s seat orchestrating what has been one of the best strategic games EVER played! Can she complete her near perfect mission? ….we will soon find out!

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The episode kicks off with an unbelievable opening which cast a spotlight on each woman left in the game. Bravo production…totally impressive. When the women return to camp Alicia finds herself feeling a little slighted saying that Tarzan, one of her “powers” (whatever that means), has gone home. However, she truly believes that herself Kim, and Christina will be sitting at the end, so she quickly puts these feelings to rest. She claims she has played one hell of a game…will someone please tell me what she has done? Man, this woman drives me insane. While Kim and Sab are walking back from tree mail, Kim suggests that Chelsea should go next and she’s thinking Christina should go to the end. Basically, Christina’s a goat so it’s very tempting to want to keep her around. Anyway, we’ll put this on the back burner for now…

You’re a Beast!

At the immunity challenge, the castaways will race across a balance beam maze and collect 5 bags of puzzle pieces on a suspended net. Once the pieces are collected, they will race to solve a jigsaw puzzle that will provide clues to three numbers. Once they have the numbers, they will use them to solve a combination lock and raise a flag. Winner gets a guaranteed spot in the final four. HUGE. I remember this challenge for me was crucial and also included a balance beam! I’ll never forget what it felt like to hear Jeff say “Ashley, you have a guaranteed 1 in 4 shot of winning 1,000,000 dollars.” Surreal. Back to the challenge, Alicia is now untying other people’s bags of puzzle pieces because she can’t follow directions. Way to give the others a head start! The girls are neck and neck solving the word jigsaw, but Kim, for the third time, pulls this out like the BEAST she is! The other girls should just sit down. Ok, that was mean but seriously! Is she human? The girls return from the challenge and Kim and Chelsea go off to talk…Chelsea feels like Kim has had her back the entire game and feels “safe”…little does she know that Kim is tossing other scenarios around in that smart little brain of hers. Kim tells Alicia that she’s safe and the vote is going toward Chelsea…I mean, it would make sense to keep Alicia and Christina until the end, but at this point, if you completely piss people off you could lose more jury votes, and Kim knows that she already has a few enemies on the jury.

Then There Were Four…

Come tribal council, Jeff is focusing completely on Kim since she has the biggest vote. Kim makes the point of how difficult it is in the game of survivor to separate your heart and emotion from the strategy of the game. When it comes to the vote, it’s clear that it will come down to Alicia or Chelsea. Kim made a promise to Sabrina and Chelsea from day 1 to go to the finals, and she could earn respect back from the jury if she keeps that promise. With that, we go to the vote, and the final four is sealed: Kim, Sabrina, Christina, and……CHELSEA!!!! Looks like the trio will make it afterall! …or will they?

Four’s A Crowd

The great thing about tonight is that we have THREE whole hours of Survivor fun!! I love it…back to back challenges and final tribal coming right up! It’s so close I can almost taste it! Christina of course, realizes she has been played the entire time but isn’t giving up yet. She is going to play up the fact that she hasn’t done anything but ride coat tails … (Which she doesn’t really have to “play up” at all, because everyone already knows that) and that she has zero chances of winning. Prior to the last challenge, the final four pay tribute to their fellow cast mates…I honestly despised this whole thing when we had to do in in Nicaragua. Ha! Simply because it was SO hot that morning and we had to shoot every shot like three times!! By the time the challenge came, we were all completely exhausted! My favorite part of this though, was when they highlighted Colton and we got to see his amazing toe-touch again. Wow…

The final immunity challenge of the season…I’m excited to see what the producers have in store for these four women! But ok…not gonna lie I was a little disappointed that this is what they came up with. Anyway, they will use a long pole to maneuver a wooden bowl through a channel then place it on a platform at the top. The apparatus is attached to a spring which will make it more difficult to maneuver the bowl with it swaying back and forth. The first person to stack all ten bowls on top of each other will win immunity and a guaranteed spot in the finals! So far, Kim is nice at this challenge (shocker!) but Christina is not far behind! Uh oh! Could not be good for the master plan! Just as we’re about to curse at the screen after a Christina victory, Kim takes yet ANOTHER immunity challenge. I sound like a broken record but sorry I’m not sorry. That girl deserves to be in the final three and in my opinion, she deserves to win it all!!

There was really no scrambling whatsoever, and Kim probably earned even more respect from Christina by telling her that she was the next to go. Christina didn’t even fight for it at all, she was like “well, I did well making it to day 38!” Who does that? Doesn’t surprise me coming from her, but I was hoping she would put up a bigger fight….and so was Jeff. It’s painful to listen to Christina answer Jeff’s questions. I’m embarrassed for her actually. How are you NOT going to fight for a spot in the final three; you can’t just lay down and die? I’m glad Jeff didn’t let her off easy…and the result was basically what she wanted…Christina is OUT and the final three is set: Kim, Sabrina, and Chelsea.

Lay It All On The Line

Going into the final arguments, each woman has a solid story and have made close bonds and relationships with individual jury members.

Sabrina is a teacher in Brooklyn who was laid off prior to the show. Kim is recently divorced and throughout this game has regained some of her confidence and belief in herself. Chelsea has been the self-labeled “badass” of the show, but has been able to form great relationships with the men in this game.

Chelsea leads off and is extremely nervous. I honestly didn’t understand what she said. I really loved her in the game, but I think what she said to the jury actually hurt her. Also, am I wrong or was she totally helping Kim in her speech as well? Confused…

Kim started off explaining that she viewed this as a game the entire time, and she only knows how to play one way and that is all out, hard. She had to separate the emotion from the game and my doing that was able to play the most strategic way. She also brought up her family and that’s always a great point to hit to gain some sympathy. Her strategy certainly didn’t stop in the finals…she only got stronger.

Sabrina says that her game was all about balance. She scaled back in some physical challenges and also shared that she was laid off prior to the game. Ugh, I feel for her. If Kim doesn’t win (which I think she will) it HAS be this woman!

The jury went pretty easy on the three of them and I was left wanting more. It’s always SO awkward to watch but there were a few touching moments that are worth writing about. Tarzan thanked the girls for taking him as far as they did and allowing him the opportunity to see his wife of 30 years. I shed a few years at this part…. Also, when Kat spoke I pretty much lost it. She has had two open heart surgeries and her third will be next year…information she didn’t share with the group until now. Wow…the girl that everyone thought was “crazy” has a soft spot and is completely lovable. I’m proud of her for speaking on that issue – I’m sure it was extremely difficult but hats off to her!

After a few more gripes from Alicia and “blah blah blahs” from Christina, the finals votes are cast and we segway into the LIVE REUNION straight from NYC with cute little Jeff coming down the “wooden bridge” carrying the results! I always love to see what everyone looks like with a little makeup, their hair did, and at normal weight. It’s quite fun and this cast is quite hot! You can tell that Sab, Kim, and Chelsea are extremely nervous as Jeff reads the vote…my heart was racing for them!

The winner of Survivor: One World is…….KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO happy for her….she rightfully deserved to win and I’m glad the jury rewarded her for her gameplay. Sabrina and Chelsea should be super proud for making it to the end…I’m sure it stings a little to make it so close, but they can’t hang their heads. Survivor is a game that can chew you up and spit you out, and those girls hung tough all game! The reunion show had some super awkward moments with Jeff questioning Colton and even his mom about his behavior on the show (Happy Mother’s Day)! Ha! She seemed like a sweet woman though. Also, it came down to Troyzan and Kim for the 100K Fan Favorite vote…guess who took it? Well, starts with a ‘K’ ends with ‘IM’ … She’s ridiculous! Amazing job and another congrats to all of the castaways on an ENTERTAINING and FUN season!!!

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Ashley Underwood was a participant on the CBS hit reality show, Survivor: Redemption Island, and finished as the third runner up. Beyond reality TV, Ashley is a former professional basketball player, former Miss USA contestant, and a registered nurse. Check out her website at, and follow her on Twitter at @AshleyUSurvivor.

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