‘Red Alert’: MSNBC’s Matthew Miller Says New AG ‘Worst Possible Choice’ for ‘Anyone Who Wants to Protect’ Mueller Probe


Former Justice Department spokesman Matt Miller has concerns about Matthew Whitaker — President Donald Trump‘s nominee for Attorney General after firing Jeff Sessions.

Sessions submitted his resignation today while confirming in his written statement that it composed at the president’s request. This comes after Trump spent months slamming his AG for recusing from the investigations on Russia’s 2016 election-meddling.

Appearing on MSNBC Wednesday, Miller said Whitaker’s nomination is the “worst possible choice” for “anyone who wants to protect the integrity of the Mueller investigation.” He made this point by highlighting an op-ed Whitaker wrote in which he argued Mueller’s probe has gone too far and Sessions should slash all their funding to freeze it.

“By forcing Jeff Sessions out, he made it clear that this resignation was at [Trump’s] request, and then, picking someone to replace him – not just any person but one of the few people at the Justice Department who’s weighed in on the record criticizing the Mueller investigation – I’m not sure you could finding anyone else in the current ranks of the DOJ that you could say that about…I don’t think that’s a coincidence.”

Miller also cried “red alert” over the timing of this development — since recent reports have suggested Mueller is approaching the end of his investigation. When asked how Whitaker could cripple the investigation, Miller said he doubted that Mueller would be fired, but the new AG might not give Mueller the necessary approval to indict anyone in his final report — plus he could take steps to make sure it never reaches Congress.

“For the president to have made this choice, there ought to be strong calls…for [Whitaker] to recuse himself and leave this investigation to the deputy attorney general who’s been supervising it all along,” Miller said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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