Red Eye Crew Thinks Rep. Lee’s Topless Photo Scandal Is Just The Beginning

The story of Congressman Lee resigning after sending a topless photo of himself to someone on Craigslist was perfect for Fox NewsRed Eye to laugh at and go wild with speculation about further embarrassing details that might emerge. Host Greg Gutfeld had many thought-provoking questions including wondering “who flexes after the age of twelve?”

After describing how Lee inaccurately described himself on Craigslist as a 39 year old lobbyist, rather than the 46 year old Congressman he was, Gutfeld cut him some slack and explained it as “probably an awkward typo.” Gutfeld also wondered if you can’t trust a sleazy online girl not to share pictures, then who can you trust? On a slightly more serious note, the whole panel agreed that if there was only one topless photo then Lee would not have resigned so quickly. Instead all seemed eager to predict what revelation about Lee might be coming next.

One comedian on the panel suggested Lee would be fine in the future though, since he’ll probably replace Kathleen Parker on CNN and be Eliot Spitzer‘s new co-host so they can rename the show “Two Dumb Horny Guys.” And Red Eye ombudsman Andy Levy concluded with this wise bit of advice regarding why Lee should not have lied about his age, “for 46 he looks pretty good – for 39 – eh.”

Watch the clip from Fox News’ Red Eye (Including The Halftime Report) below:

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