Red Eye Disobeys Adam Levine’s Request Not To Play Maroon 5 On Their ‘F*cking Evil Channel’

On Thursday morning’s Red Eye, host Greg Gutfeld and Andy Levy discussed Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine‘s pissy tweet , asking Fox News not to “play our music on your fucking channel again. Thank you.” “I guess we shouldn’t play their music then, right?” Gutfeld said. “I haven’t heard them, it might be good to hear what they sound like.” Red Eye producers then proceded to disobey Levine’s request, playing the band’s song Sunday Morning. Gutfeld retched in horror as the music played. “I know what that is, Andy!” exclaimed Gutfeld. “It’s crap!”

“If you go to iTunes and search under the category called crap, that comes up!” Gutfeld added. “I do know that Chris Martin once emailed Levine and thanked him for making Coldplay seem edgy,” snarked Levy.

“Well it certainly did, and you know what else, I know this jackass!” Gutfeld sniped. “He always wears a cap! I gotta wear a cap because I’m insecure! Shut up!”

“Because he’s balding!” Andrea Tantaros piled on. “Don’t forget, he’s also a game show host too! One of those talent shows.”

“He hosts Survivor!” interjected Bill Schultz.

Watch the Red Eye crew take down Levine below, via Fox News:

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