Red Eye On Media Matters Training Seminar: ‘Can’t Train Somebody To Unsuck’


In light of a Washington Post report regarding an on-camera media training seminar for the employees of the liberal organization Media Matters, the Red Eye panel had a lot of fun with their discussion. First they featured a cartoon simulating what they predicted took place at the seminar and then Greg Gutfeld and Andy Levy really went to work on the “anti-Fox freaks” at Media Matters.

Besides chanting “Fox News is evil and wrong,” the cartoon predicted employees at Media Matters wear diapers because they must watch Fox all day and can’t afford to waste time using a toilet. The harsh criticism of Media Matters is expressed in the plea of the cartoon employee:

“I have no other skills. My job is to obsessively watch Fox News. If you take that away I have nothing, no friends, no family, no life. I am a shell of a human, deluded into thinking I have purpose, when all I really am is a conduit for my boss’s simmering jealousy over past slights.”

The video is actually much funnier than the text might suggest, but when the cartoon is over Gutfeld and Levy extract even more entertaining revenge. Levy wonders why Media Matters needed a separate training session, saying “I thought MSNBC was Media Matters boot camp?” And to top it all off, Gutfeld asked why even bother training these people, since Media Matters should have learned from singer George Michael‘s storied past: “you can’t train somebody to unsuck.” Oh boy.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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