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Red Eye Panel Rips ‘Willfully Ignorant’ Rachel Maddow

On this morning’s edition of Red Eye, the panel gave a harsh verbal lashing to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow for her “willfully ignorant” reaction to Mitt Romney‘s remarks about airplane windows.

At a fundraiser last Saturday in Los Angeles, Romney made a remark about how he doesn’t understand why airplane windows don’t open. Maddow pounced on the video of the remarks, mocking and scorning the presidential candidate for not understanding such a simple idea. The Romney campaign, however, clarified that his remarks were in jest.

Panelist Gavin McInnes told host Andy Levy that Maddow “must be willfully ignorant to be able to sit there with that smug face and pretend that she thinks that [Romney] doesn’t understand how flying works… Has she even seen that video? Did she just read it and assume? I can’t get how she could possibly believe that is true.”

“And to make a mistake that stupid and then have the audacity to [mock Romney],” he added, “you become a parody of yourself.” Levy agreed, later characterizing Maddow’s observation as “inane.”

Regular panelist Bill Schulz joined in by saying that “I am going to definitely say that Romney was kidding, although I wouldn’t say he was exactly helping the theory that the conservatives can’t be funny. I don’t know if that was a knee slapper of a joke.”

Watch below, via Fox:

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