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Red Eye Team Mercilessly Mocks the ‘Bro’-ification of Obamacare

The Red Eye gang poked fun Friday night at a new Obamacare marketing pitch aimed at “bros.” Yes, there is one site reaching out to young people about the new health care law by branding it “brosurance,” and this was just too much for Greg Gutfeld and friends.

In the latest installment of “Obama-Apocalypse-Care-Ageddon…Gate,” Gutfeld said the whole bro-ification thing was just ridiculous. Gavin McInnes called it an “obvious scam,” while Jo Ling Kent found this kind of push odd for such a small demographic.

Andy Levy also had to point out, “You’re not gonna get the same rush from doing a keg stand if you know it’s okay if you hurt yourself if you have health insurance.”

Bill Schulz said at least the “brosurance” ads make more sense than the creepy Uncle Sam ad. McInnes added, “You would have to screw up your body a lot to get a $12,000 bill, and if you do, you don’t deserve to live.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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