Red Eye Tears Apart Salon’s David Sirota For Saying ‘Don’t Chant U.S.A.!’ At Olympics

Early Friday morning, Fox News’ Red Eye panel tore apart liberal writer David Sirota‘s Wednesday Salon column in which he suggests that chanting ‘U.S.A.!’ at the Olympics is jingoistic.

Calling Sirota a “lefty runt” and a “killjoy,” host Greg Gutfeld read some choice quotes from the column:

“We likely do so also because of that deeper desire to publicly showcase American preeminence — a desire we’ve been programmed to haughtily express since the end of the Cold War, a desire we’re led to believe we must express … for fear of being labeled traitors. … Our shiny medallions and our patriotic braying reassure us that, despite our slipping world standing, we at least still kick international ass.”

“You, sir, are nothing short of a delight,” Gutfeld deadpanned.

Radio host Anthony Cumia said “We’ve turned into this country where you have to be ashamed we have done well in any aspect — business, your personal life, and the nation as a whole. We’re good, we rule, but keep it on the Q.T. Shut up! We’re America. Wrap yourself in the flag, cheer, who cares. Good!”

Reason contributing editor — and Jonah Lehrer’s career-enderMichael Moynihan joked that “I guarantee you that nobody ever called David Sirota a traitor except for me right now.” He then added that Sirota’s point makes sense only “if you’re cheering and shouting ‘U.S.A.!’ as a bunker buster falls on Baghdad.”

“Other countries cheer,” Moynihan continued. “Has he ever been to a European soccer match between countries? During the European Cup there are people that fight and stab each other. We don’t do that. We just say, ‘Yay, America.’ Get off of it.”

Gutfeld later surmised that “people like Sirota, they want America to lose on the world stage. And they hate when we’re great… He wrote it for his fellow editors and nobody else agrees with him.”

“He has Chris Hayes syndrome,” Gutfeld said, referring to the MSNBC host’s confession that he has trouble labelling American soldiers as heroes. “It’s something you say to impress your friends and then everybody goes, that was stupid. You’re stupid.”

Moynihan then added that he did see other liberals denouncing Sirota’s column on Twitter and then joked that, in addition to the Nation‘s Katha Pollitt, who wrote in a post 9/11 column that she wouldn’t let her daughter fly the American flag, “they might be spies to make liberals look bad. This is out of central casting.”

Watch the segment below, via Fox News:

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