Red Eye’s Andy Levy: A Few ‘Classless Jerks’ Gave NASCAR A Bad Name By Booing The First Lady


Last night on Red Eye, Andy Levy filled in host and it was a good thing too because he clearly had a story he wanted to talk about. Donning the red Office Depot team hat of racer Tony Stewart, Levy brought up the booing of First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden at this Sunday’s race. As a NASCAR fan, he was not happy that the race itself was being overshadowed by some “classless jerks.”

Unlike some others, no one on the Red Eye panel was defending the fans. However, after stand up Joe DeRosa let fly with some jokes at the expense of NASCAR and its fans, Levy used his “Final Word” to defend the sport.

“We get to hear all the time about how the people at Occupy Wall Street who are defecating on cop cars and who are doing stuff like that, ‘Oh, they aren’t representative of the movement and they’re infiltrators,’ but, the minute something like this happens, I see liberals saying nothing but, ‘This is all NASCAR fans. All NASCAR fans are racist. All NASCAR fans are this.’ And it pisses me off.”

Levy makes a good point. With every group from OWS to the Tea Party to racing fans, people need to get better at discerning individuals from the group. The jerks on Sunday are not representative of people who like NASCAR. No one thing could be representative of that large a group besides maybe “likes fast cars.”

That being said, if anything’s coloring people’s views of NASCAR as a sport, it shouldn’t be the fans but the leaders of the field.*

*Sorry, Andy, for some of the things I said in that post. No hard feelings! I fully endorse your right to call something where everyone sits the whole time a “sport.”

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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