Red Eye’s Halftime Report: Political Whores And Race Relations

Here’s a fun game to play with the following clip: how many times does someone on this panel accuse someone else of being racist? It’s the kind of thing that typically happens on cable news shoutfests, but, unlike those, the participants in this discussion can’t help but erupt in laughter every time someone plays the race card. Or the “whore” card. Or, really, any other cable news cliche in the context of today’s news cycle.

Of course, the type of playful yet willfully offensive humor on display on last night’s/this morning’s Red Eye Halftime Report– talking specifically about, among other things, the Jerry Brown assistant who called Meg Whitman a whore and a poll showing race relations plummeting– is the bread and butter of the show. The fact that the group argues the exact same points as “serious” news shows while realizing the absurdity of their arguments is what sets it apart from most late-night comedy shows, never mind other cable news programs (and it’s probably what makes the show’s ratings so impressive despite airing during the graveyard shift). But it was in vintage form last night/this morning, where TV’s Andy Levy corrected the errors of guests Ann Coulter, Marc Lamont Hill, and Nick DiPaolo during the first half of the segment. He was mostly greeted with a chorus of “racist!,” though Greg Gutfeld‘s sidekick Bill Schultz chimed in as a matter of pride to highlight that, at this point in history, “whore” should not be a gender-exclusive denomination. He would know.

As for the race jokes, they weren’t only limited to Dr. Hill, though he got a handful of them, the best ones being in comparing Brett Favre to LeBron James. Coulter’s shining moment was a jab at Rick Sanchez, answering Levy’s existential view of race relations (“If race relations suck, even with a Kenyan Muslim in the White House, is there any hope?”) by noting that ever since the Obama administration took over, “relations between Cubans and Jews at CNN have gone through the toilet.”

There is a lot happening in this clip, and it’s hard to capture it all. Most of it is “offensive” on some level. All of it is hilarious. If for some strange reason you weren’t up at 3:30 AM last night, here’s the Red Eye Halftime Report via Fox News:

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