RedState’s Erick Erickson And CNN’s Roland Martin Fight Over Obama’s “Anti-American” World View

On Wednesday’s edition of John King USA, things got a little heated between Erick Erickson and Roland Martin. It all started when Erickson took umbrage at Dana Bash bringing up the belief that some of the criticism of President Obama is rooted in racism. As Erickson shot this down, he brought up the belief that the president’s world view is “anti-American,” causing Martin to take even more umbrage. Soon, the two were having at it to see who had the most and best umbrage.

From NewsBusters:

“ERICK ERICKSON, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Oh, good lord. When Republicans start talking, they scream racism. It’s the last best trick of a losing Democrat, is to accuse the Republicans of racism. The issue here has nothing to do with race. The issue has to do with nobody, Republican or Democrat, has figured out what this guy’s world view is. And the Republicans are starting to set the narrative for 2012 already that this guy’s world view is fundamentally anti-American.

ROLAND MARTIN, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST: Erick, you’re not going to sit here and say the president of the United States who is sworn to defend and protect the constitution, has an anti-American view. No what he wants to do —

ERICKSON: I think he has a view of America that views America as one of many nations and not the last best hope for mankind.

MARTIN: First, if you look at facts, Erick, we are one of many nations, so let’s deal with that. When they have financial crisis taking place across the globe it also affected us, so we can’t act like we’re the only country out here. You will not sit here and call this president anti-American when he represents the United States of America, including you.”

Good points from both sides and a bit of compelling television too. Perhaps CNN can create a news show called Martin And Erickson Disagree! I know we’d watch.

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