Regis Philbin Gives Bizarre Interview (And Feels Up Joy Behar) On The View

The View descended into chaos this morning when Regis Philbin showed up to promote… Well, it wasn’t totally clear what. He told a story about Joy Behar having eye-sex with Mandy Patinkin during a play in the Hamptons, copped a quick feel, accepted congratulations on his “Best Talk Show” Emmy for Live With Regis and Kelly, and talked about rumors of returning to daytime television with his old partner in crime, Kathie Lee Gifford. He also talked about a recent stint on Hot In Cleveland — ostensibly what he was originally appearing to promote — as the show threw up a clip of him behind the couch where he and the co-hosts sat. Not knowing there was video playing behind him, Regis yelled “WHAT ARE WE ALL LOOKING AT?”

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The co-hosts seemed amusedly resigned to the scattershot tone of the interview, but Philbin was clearly hoping for harder hitting questions. Scott Disick, who was fulfilling his guest hosting duties very laconically for the day, hadn’t asked him anything, so Regis decided to yell some more: “Scott, how you doing? Stay awake!” And later, “Scott, don’t just look at me, talk to me!”

You can see the full clip here via ABC:

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