Reince Priebus Blasts WaPo‘s Criticism of GOP Leadership: ‘Stupidest Editorial I’ve Ever Seen’


The Chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus didn’t hold back with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Wednesday morning in response to a blistering Washington Post column that called GOP leadership’s response to the Trump phenomenon “inexcusable and irrational”.

The WaPo editorial from Tuesday called into question the degree to which party leaders have allowed the popularity of wildcard frontrunner Donald Trump to spiral out of control. “Like many GOP leaders, Mr. Priebus has shown that he knows that Mr. Trump is a problem,” writes the Editorial Board. “But, also like many top Republicans, the party chairman has nevertheless given Mr. Trump a wide berth to run a flamboyant insult of a campaign,” it continues.

On Wednesday’s New Day, Camerota presented the piece to gauge Priebus’s response, asking the Chairman directly, “Has Donald Trump run too toxic of a campaign?”

In short: “That is the stupidest editorial that I’ve ever seen.”

The Chairman of the RNC continued, telling Camerota, “I’m called out for not beating up the frontrunner of the GOP — it’s ridiculous.”

“Well they’re saying not condemning some of his more vitriolic statements,” Camerota clarified.

“Come on! That’s not my job,” Priebus shot back. “My job is to put forward the fairest process that we can put forward, to not put my hand on the scale, to allow our delegates to make the choices that they want to make and then accept the decision that the delegates make.”

The RNC Chairman then criticized the Democratic party’s methodology of using superdelegates, a process that could effectively override a grassroots movement and voice from within a party regarding an eventual nominee.

Check out the exchange above from CNN’s New Day.
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J.D. Durkin is the Senior Editor of Mediaite.

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