Rejected By Times Square, Watch “Snooki Ball” Drop On Jersey Shore Instead

For those of you who spent the final night of 2010 wondering “whither Snooki‘s ball?”, you should be monumentally ashamed. But you shall also have your answer: As you are likely well aware by now (because we told you about it…) MTV’s much-publicized plan to drop Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was rejected by Times Square in an uncharacteristic twist of good taste, but that didn’t deter MTV from going ahead and droppin’ balls anyway.

The network instead let fall a transparent, Snooki-filled orb on Seaside Heights, New Jersey, much to the delight of tens of people. The clip was taped beforehand and aired at midnight as part of MTV’s New Year’s Eve special.

For those of you who foolishly decided to watch the iconic Times Square ball drop instead, watch now in either delight, horror or complete apathy as Snooki descends – ever so slowly – on the denizens of the Jersey Shore amid fervent fist-pumps and confused yelps of “Woo! Spring Break”, all with her ubiquitous red party cup in hand.

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