CNN’s Reliable Sources Guest Prefers MSNBC Hire A Black Journalist, Not Al Sharpton

Howard Kurtz spoke with Eric Deggans, a media critic from the St. Petersburg Times about the likely hiring of Al Sharpton to be MSNBC’s newest host of a nightly show. Kurtz and Deggans shared some worries with one another regarding whether or not Sharpton was the person most deserving of getting his own new show.

Kurtz noted about Sharpton:

“He would be the first African American with a nightly show on cable news in years and yet he’s not a journalist, he’s obviously a liberal activist and former candidate.”

Deggans admitted black journalists are worried that such a slot for a minority host was unfortunately not going to an experienced journalist, and was concerned about reports suggesting prior financial connections between Sharpton and Comcast, MSNBC’s parent company. Yet Kurtz was just as troubled by a 60 Minutes report where Sharpton allegedly said he will never criticize President Obama on any issue. Given that Sharpton has been “rumored” to be getting his own show for a while now, it seems odd that MSNBC just doesn’t make it official already so conversations like this one between Kurtz and Deggans don’t persist.

Watch the clip from CNN below:

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