Reliable Sources Panel Clashes Over Piers Morgan Deeming Akin ‘Gutless Little Twerp’

The panel on CNN’s Reliable Sources this weekend took a look at the recent segment Piers Morgan did with an empty chair, after Rep. Todd Akin canceled on a scheduled interview. Pointing to Morgan’s labeling Akin “a gutless little twerp,” Howard Kurtz asked the others to weigh in on the comment.

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“He’s a little bratty schoolboy,” Lauren Ashburn said, noting that she does like Morgan. “Why the language? Why the name calling? Why do you need to go that far?” Akin not showing up says it all, she said.

POLITICO’s Roger Simon begged to differ, sympathizing with Morgan’s frustration. “What part of ‘gutless little twerp’ is Akin not?” he asked.

At that point, Kurtz chimed back in. Noting that he was not defending Akin “in any way, shape or form,” he went on to say, “When you call him ‘gutless’ — he made a political decision that it was not in the interest of his faltering campaign to go on television at that time.”

But he had agreed to make the appearance, Simon countered.

After a bit more back and forth, Ashburn boiled it down to what she called the bottom line: “We’re all talking about Piers Morgan, aren’t we?”

Take a look, CNN:

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