‘Rent Is Too Damn High’ Guy Sparks Mayhem On Follow The Money Panel

For most of his short career in cable news, Jimmy McMillan has been showcased alone for his auctioneer’s voice and amazingly sculpted facial hair. Now that he’s running for president, however, he’s got to learn to play well with others, and on last night’s Follow the Money McMillan had to debate Eric Bolling‘s panel, including a confused Dr. Marc Lamont Hill who didn’t understand why McMillan was attacking him for holding the same views.

McMillan, who is also coincidentally starring in a new film about himself, Damn!, was attacking the Obama administration for the national debt and demanding that he “waive the people’s debt,” especially in light of how much of the debt came from bank bailouts. “You did this, Mr. Government,” he shouted, complaining that “there are accessories and there are necessities” and the government– and “Mr. Columbia Professor Whoever You Are”– were focusing on the accessories and not teaching about the necessities in school.

Mr. Columbia Professor Whoever You Are was taking a bit by surprise by this condemnation, as McMillan hadn’t really said anything that clashed with his opinion. “I thought we were on the same page,” a confused Dr. Hill replied, explaining that he too believed in waiving the people’s debt and focusing on necessities. Where Hill did have a problem, however, was with Bolling’s representation of a comment by David Plouffe as “nobody cares about jobs.” “That is a complete misrepresentation,” Hill argued, as the quote said that the election would not be won on unemployment numbers.

In the end, McMillan and Hill (and the rest of the panel) came to some consensus– that the American people were being “punked” by both parties. Hill and Bolling, however, ended the segment with a little dinner bet between them: that Plouffe would not be part of the Obama campaign team by November 2012.

The segment via Fox Business below:

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